Thursday, April 5, 2012

A 242 Dollar Somehow

4/6/12 - Connecticut "Lina Poidomani was taking out the garbage at her home on Wilkenda Avenue March 20 when the pit bulls somehow escaped from their cage next door and went after her."


Whenever there is a pit bull attack, it's always "somehow." Somehow, this 88-year-old lady was ripped apart by these pit bulls expressing their fighting genes. These dogs somehow tore her flesh from the bone. What really shocks me is that somehow, the owners only paid a $242 fine for the damage their dogs did to the victim. That meager amount of money isn't going to pay for Ms. Poidomani's hospital bills, nor will it ease the emotional damage caused by a pit bull attack.

That's what lawsuits are for. The pit bull advocates want to punish bad dog owners? How about actually punishing them with harsh legal action instead of saying "somehow?"


  1. I love this blog! Gonna post it on my blog list too. One thing's for're gonna have your HANDS FULL with all of these "somehow" pit bull maulings! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog! Happy blogging!

  2. I couldn't imagine having my grandmother attacked by pit bulls. Poor woman. The legal system here in Ontario is just as flawed. Our dog was killed on Christmas Day 2010 and we weren't given any court notice until January 2012. And in our case the fine the owner received was much higher, but we still had to file a lawsuit which is still ongoing today. It's BS how the world seems protect the owners of pit bulls.

  3. ah, the somehow reaction all zealots have in regards to their wiggly butts. When my son, was in the van of the freaks that owned the pitbull that attacked him, wrapped in a blanket keeping him warm and the shock settled, right in front of me the somehows began, somehow he must have startled the pit, somehow he must have sat to close...I have a somehow, how about "somehow zealots listen, get off the high horse they think they are on because the save this "misunderstood breed" and start helping to prevent victims", that is a good, responsible somehow...because it isn't an deflection of blame to victims. Welcome to blogging, so glad to have you on our side!!!

    1. I'm amazed you somehow didn't beat the living shit out of them.

  4. The $242 fine is why they could care less if their dogs get loose. That's why we have to continue our own push for stronger penalties because for all their "blame the owner" there's no bite to it(pun intended).

  5. Somehow has just got to stop! Well written, keep 'em comming!

  6. Thanks for this blog!
    The somehow that needs to start occurring is: SOMEHOW I ended up jailed for twenty years for a felony because my pit bull mauled someone.

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  8. Pit fanatics are all too happy to say "Blame the owners" as long as there is typically no REAL punishment.