Thursday, April 5, 2012

A 242 Dollar Somehow

4/6/12 - Connecticut "Lina Poidomani was taking out the garbage at her home on Wilkenda Avenue March 20 when the pit bulls somehow escaped from their cage next door and went after her."


Whenever there is a pit bull attack, it's always "somehow." Somehow, this 88-year-old lady was ripped apart by these pit bulls expressing their fighting genes. These dogs somehow tore her flesh from the bone. What really shocks me is that somehow, the owners only paid a $242 fine for the damage their dogs did to the victim. That meager amount of money isn't going to pay for Ms. Poidomani's hospital bills, nor will it ease the emotional damage caused by a pit bull attack.

That's what lawsuits are for. The pit bull advocates want to punish bad dog owners? How about actually punishing them with harsh legal action instead of saying "somehow?"